Loose Women's Andrea McLean: I would absolutely consider cosmetic surgery

Which beauty products do you swear by?Harley Street Skin Products are just remarkable. Lesley Reynolds at beauty boutiquela Harley Street Skin Clinic understands what works for me. I may be in my forties, but I still get breakouts and she knows ways to get rid of them.Exactly what do you always bring in your makeup bag?Lip salve and Laura Mercier lip gloss. I can’t live without them.

Get summer beauty tips from Beyonce's makeup artist Sir John Barnett

Based on her string of hit partnerships, Beyonce appears to know the best ways to find royal skill. In her treasure chest of stylists and beauty experts, there's New York-based makeup artist Sir John Barnett (yes, that's his real birth name, but he's simply referred to as Sir John in the beauty industry), who has actually dealt with makeup visionaries Pat McGrath and Charlotte Tilbury and celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Karlie Kloss and others.

Isabella Rossellini on Living Well and Aging with dignity

The first time I saw Isabella Rossellini, she was an image on a lightbox in Vogue s art department where she was being thought about for a cover. Even in that inanimate form, she sparkled with life.This was the start of her somewhat unintentional modeling career at 28, a great 10 years older than a lot of entry-level models. Not that entry-level models get a Richard Avedon cover on the leading style publication.

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